Lady Mariann / Seilartistik


After the hot-blooded Amazon Lady Mariann has achieved fame and glory on the battlefields of the world, she now defies the challenges of gravity with devotion. With grace and elegance she dares to walk the tightrope between heaven and earth. She equipped with a right portion of good humor and quick witt, amuses herself during the spectacle with her chosen knight and jumps over him recklessly as the climax. The audience rejoices...

Suitable for every event and fest, not only for Middle Ages!

Duration of the performance

15-35 min. according to desire

Technical Datas

The rope apparatus is easy to set up anywhere.

Height of Lights: min. 4 m
Space requirements: 6 m x 3 m

I will be happy to send a technical infos upon request.

Video 1

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Video 2

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