Hungarian's Blood / Comedy-Rope-Show


Mariann Engels, the hot-blooded Hungarian, never fails to thrill her audience with a fiery cocktail of daredevil artistry, fresh vital cheerfulness and an intoxicatingly daring rope artistry performance.

And this in a very special way: sometimes gracefully in the splendor of acrobatics, sometimes highly amusing in the interaction with her "volunteer" assistant Mac Gyver! In the finale he even has to climb a ladder and Mariann jumps over him! - The audience goes wild!

Look forward to a high percentage wire act...

Duration of the performance

20 - 40 minutes, according to desire

Technical Datas

A free-standing rope apparatus allows flexible adaptation to different show places.

Height of Lights: min. 4,0 m
Height of Rope: 1,65 m
Length of Running Rope: 5 m

"Hungarian’s Blood" can be booked for events of all kinds such as gala, street festival, circus and variety programs.


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